Your Future Is Now!

We help you reach your financial goals by focusing our efforts on the amount you’re losing due to debt/interest instead of focusing on what you earn.

Let us help you achieve a debt free lifestyle. Yes, even your mortgage!
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College Savings – No Problem.

College Savings – No Problem.

Never finance anything again

Far Better Than Credit “Repair.”

Retire debt free.

Earn Interest instead of Paying Interest.

Create Your
Own Bank.

never finance anything again

retire debt free

earn interest instead of paying interest

college savings – no problem


What We Do

Generations Financial helps families create the lifestyle goals they’ve dreamed of.


Our Approach

When we meet, you come with all of your debt information. We take a look at where you’re losing money and we “plug that leak.”


Our Mission

Generations Financial exists so that we can help put ease back into the financial lives of the families we work with. When we step in, we allow families to not only dream big, but to live out that dream.

About Our Firm

Generations Financial is an affiliate company of Your Family Bank. For over a decade, Your Family Bank has been a name clients can trust.

Our Statistics

$1.74 Billion

Projected increase in retirement savings


Amount of interest saved by families between 2016-2019.

9 years

Average amount of time before all debt (including mortgage) is paid off


Number of times you’ll have to finance anything else if you stick to plan


“We had the pleasure of meeting Tommy in 2015 and we knew there was a reason why he came into our store. We had a mortgage, a large business loan and some credit card debt. He showed us how we could become our own bank. Who wouldn’t want control over their own money? We built our Family Bank and paid off our loans and our credit cards. We are now DEBT FREE. Anytime we need to borrow money for a house project, etc. we borrow from our own bank. What’s better than that?! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing there are no risks and now we have peace of mind entering our retirement years. Tommy was there every step of the way easily accessible anytime of the day. We have benefited in several ways by being debt free, owning our own bank and have developed a nice friendship with Tommy. Thank you Tommy & Generations Financial for helping us to worry less!”

Mark & Lois

I was introduced to Tommy by another client of his. She told me I had to attend one of his dinners in order to really understand what his program is like. I arrived, was promptly greeted, ushered into a private room where we had dinner (and it was SO good) and learned the basics about his program. I wasn’t pressured in any way to set up an appointment. I was simply given the opportunity to learn and then if I wanted to move forward, I could reach out.

It took me a couple of weeks to broach the topic with my husband and he was leary, but agreed to at least go and listen to learn more and to take our debts to him to just see what he could do. When we learned with a comparatively small monthly investment that we could pay off over $20k in credit card debt, both of our cars, my student loans and our house in just over 6 years, it was a no-brainer. We’re now looking forward to retiring with peace of mind and we’re looking forward to being able to build our dream house without having to go through the hassle of taking out a loan from a bank or credit union. We are beyond grateful to have been introduced to Tommy and his team at Generations Financial.

Amber Powers

“I have been working with Tommy to reduce my student loan debt for about a year and a half now, and it’s been a very pleasant experience. He’s a very patient man, as I sometimes didn’t understand the concept we are using to reduce my debt. Without hesitation he’s always been available and ready to re explain the concept, as he wants me to be as informed as possible. Tommy is very professional and personable. He checks in from time to time to give updates on what’s going on and to check in to see how I’m doing. I’ve truly enjoyed my time working with him, and would highly recommend him to help anyone needing to reduce their debt.”