A Team of Specialists

Meet Thomas Episcopo

Tommy Episcopo is the President of Generations Financial: A full service financial firm that focuses on reducing your liabilities (debt). Where many firms are focused on what you earn, we take a different approach and find where you’re losing money. We staff professionals that are specialized in student loans, financial planning (CFP), life insurance and more.

“Let’s just say I started in the financial world pre-2000. I’ve been doing this a long time because I have a passion for helping families climb out of debt so they can live not just a worry-free retirement, but a worry-free life! I’ve done this for my own family and practice what I preach.

My beautiful wife, Angela, and I have been married since 1996. My daughter, Nicole and her husband, Nick are real blessings in my life. I also adore my rescue Dobermann Pinscher, Leo. I am bordering on obsession when it comes to vintage cars. My top 2 vintage cars are the 1970 Plymouth 440 Cuda and the 1970 RS/SS Split Bumper Camaro.

I so look forward to helping your family take a step toward living a debt-free life. As I like to say, ‘You may enter as strangers, but you’ll leave a part of the Generations Financial family.”

Our in-house Certified Financial Planner has been successfully guiding and advising clients since 1993. Prior to joining our firm, he worked with some of the largest investment banking companies on Wall Street. Today, he focuses on comprehension financial planning along with professional wealth management. He currently resides in Jupiter, Florida where his firm has one of their offices. He also has built a long and successful relationship in South Jersey where his other office is located. He has been happily married to his wife Mollie for 34 years and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

David Linsky

David Linsky

Resident Student Loan Specialist

David Linsky is a graduate of The Florida State University. Upon graduation, he joined the Generations Financial team as their resident student loan specialist. David is able to help individuals firstly understand their current student loan situation and teach graduates how to properly navigate the best repayment plans that meet their needs. Using proper financial planning, David has built a reputation for helping his clients eliminate their student loan debt faster than they ever thought possible!
Adriana Somberg

Adriana Somberg

Customer Relations

Adriana Somberg assists with Customer Relations and she also serves as the Assistant to Tommy Episcopo. Adriana, a Miami native, moved to Jupiter in 2004.
She met Tommy Episcopo in 2016 and quickly felt the passion he has for his one-of-a-kind business.

“I am thrilled to be part of something so unique, unlike any other industry out there. I am the liaison between Tommy and his clients. My job is to keep him on schedule, but most importantly, assisting individuals and companies to reach their dreams. I’ll likely be your first point of contact when you reach out. I look forward to serving you!”

Nicole Episcopo-Nelson

Nicole Episcopo-Nelson

Social Media

Hello! I’m Nicole Episcopo-Nelson. I’m Tommy’s daughter, so I may be partial, but I love what my dad does for families. Growing up, he instilled in me the importance of smart financial living and I’m so grateful. I work on the social media accounts for Generations Financial. Having grown up with social media being front and center, I see what an important role it plays in letting others know about the work we do. I look forward to sharing your testimonial on one of our social media channels!